We are one of the fast-growing competitive Malaysian companies carrying a vast variety of name brand and refurbished products housed in a state of the art 12000 Square Feet facility. We have the experience and the means to provide you with the best Brand New/used/refurbished products and technologies to cater to all of your home/business needs and our logistics infrastructure has been developed with you in mind, meaning that we can supply goods fast (often within 24 hours within Malaysia/Singapore).
We source from leading industry sources, providing our customers with excellent products, pricing and service. From the beginning, our top priority has been to provide unmatched customer care and to help our customers understand how technology could help them. This commitment extends well beyond simply providing quality products, excellent services and competitive prices, focusing on the goal of total customer satisfaction. At Qualtech Asia, we understand that having satisfied customers takes commitment, expertise, experience, and persistence.
We look at our business with a width of mind. Our focus is on innovations, not on restrictions. The same applies to our corporate culture: we encourage creativity instead of hierarchy and bureaucracy. Our talented employees do their magic mostly in Malaysia & Singapore, but we operate internationally.